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This is truly a wonderful game. I'm glad to see creators like you making these kinds of games and sharing your experiences.

Keep up the good work Jane <3

And for all other trans* people reading this: You are valid. You are important. You're not pretending. And you have the right to be angry about derogatory terms.


as a trans person, this hit home really hard. this was such a powerful way to read your writing, my heart was beating hard and fast in my chest the whole time. i can still feel it. i dont have much money now, but maybe ill send some more once i have some


Awesome.. game?

I thought it was about trans guys bc im too self centered lol. It sucks that trans women are treated so terrible since ever and it is still going, I hope I can help one day somehow. Hope you are doing fine miss, you have my support even if we don`t know each other. Have a good week. <3


Thank you very much!

Deleted 2 years ago

Actually, the download is working, but you have to pay at least 1$ in order to access to the file.